Monday, 25 January 2010


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Valentino is one of the more elaborate and extensive gay clubs in Prague. In fact, it is THE main gay club in Prague. It is a multi-level, multi-room, complex that looks like an old movie house from the outside, with a small but nice bar area facing the street. Inside, you will find a labyrinth of different smallish rooms for dancing, drinking or cruising. The dark room on the bottom level is REALLY dark, so you never know what or who is happening in there. The style of the place is what you'd expect from other European cities, and relatively well done. The staff is as friendly as the cold and icy Czechs get.

While the Czech krown is MUCH less expensive than the euro, the Czech's compensate by just charging more for cocktails, so I am not convinced it's cheaper. Although beer is still very inexpensive.

The music in pretty good, but a bit forgettable. I don't think Valentino will be setting the international DJ scene on fire, but the sounds and beats were what you'd expect from a gay bar with a young, energetic and attractive crowd.

The crowd was friendly and have a curiosity about tourists and newcomers but still can be a bit standoffish. It helps to speak Czech for the locals, although many guys speak a bit of English (or enough to get, order, or have drinks).

Valentino should be a party of your Friday or Saturday night. It's close enough to Termix and other bars in the area that you could easily end your night dancing or drinking in the two or three bars inside the club.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


OK lads
If you would like to share your experience about places when you have visited, just email me
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Action Bar Budapest

Magyar Utca 42
Everyday from 9pm to 4am
Entrance fee only on Fridays [sex show] - 800 HUF
OK. This is a bar with darkrooms [two] so you know what you can expect when you go there
Very busy on Fridays [live sex show] but in rest of the week is empty. What a shame because is
quite nice and there is no alternative if you prefer this type of "dark play" . There is also Coxx but do not go there
Lots of old grumpy guys, in my opinion of course.
So Friday was enjoyable but Saturday ... empty. From 10pm to 4 am I meet there just 10 guys!
I do not know what is wrong with Budapest because on the streets you can meet lots of hunks, good
looking and very attractive lads but in gay bars/clubs... peasants! Sorry, I like Budapest very much it
is a beautiful city but I do not like gay scene there. Bur there is the best gay bar anyway so you do not have a choice.
There is something interesting in toilets, two-way mirror. SO if you are bashful, use cubics :-)

Prices are reasonable but there is minimum consumption about 1000 HUF, you will get
a consumption card after you have entered the place.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Disco Anfora Ibiza

C/San Carlos 7
Dalt Vila
May - mid October only
Open from midnight
Enter fee 12E until 02am, 17 after
This is a really amaizing place, I have lots of good feelings with this club.
This some informations from Facebook and I agree with this in 100%

Anfora has been there forever (well longer than anyone will admit to) and during the holiday season it is the longest standing full time 'GAY' club in Ibiza.

Anfora is the one club that you are likely to visit more than once on your holiday, if not every night. Compared to the rest of the island's clubbing life, Anfora is practically the clubbing equivalent of a welcome cup of cocoa.

It is possibly one of the island's smallest clubs, but provides a great night out in a gay environment (attractive men and little attitude). Straights, visiting with gay friends are tolerated (as long as you can't tell). Girls are not popular in the dark room and will be very quickly barred from the club.


English speaking staff but is still JUST about the friendliest club, in a unique setting, in the middle of 'anywhere'.

The upstairs bar has been designated a BEAR BAR, for the larger hairier guys are most welcome. Are hairless bears just called fat? or Bare Bears?

If you have not been there before, it can be difficult to find Anfora.

The dance floor is built in a cave; the four bars are split over two levels; there are loads of nooks and crannies; and two staircases (for making a quick exit from D.O.A. trade). The "bird room" and aviary was removed some time ago and replaced with a Morocco lounge, and finally there are pop and porn videos (not on the same screen) and a dark room...

The club can be quiet out of season before 1:30am, but still gathers a reasonable to good crowd most nights.

In mid and high season it gets totally packed (the entry ticket gets you a drink).

Place worth to visit!

New Year

New Year, so it is an fantastic time to start doing something productive!
I have visited so many gay destinations that I would like to share my experience with you.
Hope you will enjoy because I will!
Where to go this year? Hmmm... you can follow me if you want:
Mykonos, Montreal, Toronto, Athens, Lisbon, Gran Canaria....
Or you can take my advise :
Ibiza, Amsterdam, London, Budapest, Prague,
But I do not think I would go to Paris or Rome or again.
Beautiful cities... but night life just boring .
But it is up to you.